Monday, February 21, 2011

Love clean comedy? Prove it! Share our New Hilarious Video!

The Hand Slap Game – Starring Kirby Heyborne and Lincoln Hoppe

Watch it here:
1) Funny Or Die and VOTE IT FUNNY, COMMENT, and SHARE!!!
2) YouTube and COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE!!!

Want to laugh, make the world a better place, and support clean comedy? Then help our VIDEO go VIRAL!

Each time you share the link, leave a comment on our Facebook wall ( and let us know. When you do, you will be entered in a contest to win super-cool prizes!  Winners and prizes will be announced soon.  Post our video link and this info as your status for 24 hours (and let us know) and you'll automatically be entered twice!

WHY should you CARE and SHARE?
A) It’s funny.
B) Funny things make people laugh,
C) Laughing makes people happy, darn it.
D) Happy people make the world a better place.
E) The world being a better place is freaking awesome.
F) You can then take credit for how freaking awesome the world has just become. And that is freaking awesome.

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