Tuesday, March 22, 2011

kerBLINK -- Oh, yeah! This is the place to get funny, clean videos!

Take a look at our new video website kerBLINk.com

What is kerBLINK?
Good question! I’m so glad you asked.

We think people like to laugh. Most people do. Some people try to pretend they don’t, but those people are wrong. Everyone likes to laugh.

kerBLINK is our new website channel to release ‘environMENTALLY friendly’ videos, films, songs, and creative content. Clean funny. Funny clean. Clean comedy. So if you don’t like that, you’re welcome to get your dirty comedy elsewhere, and get your guilty clean pleasure here. We won’t tell anyone.

But YOU should TELL EVERYONE. Spread the word. We want to make more videos! And we can do that the more that people watch and SHARE OUR VIDEOS!

At some point, we’ll be accepting videos and material from YOU! At least that’s the plan.

Our real website is coming soon. But for now enjoy the videos and the content added at least twice a month! Soon to be every week! That’s the plan.


We promised there'd be more!! And here it is: MORE! Introducing: STUPID HOT PIZZA EATERS- "Eating pizza is not always easy!" Post, Share, View, Like!! Cool prizes for sharing: iPod Nano & $20 iTunes gift card! The more you post & share-- & let us know you did it -- the more chances you have of winning!! There might be some surprise free pizza giveaways, too!

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Blogger Kirby Heyborne said...

POST and SHARE our new funny video "Stupid Hot Pizza Eaters" as many times as you can BETWEEN NOW AND MIDNIGHT this coming MONDAY and WIN!! Each time you post and share, your name is entered for a chance to win an iPod Nano and a $20 iTunes gift card!!  It's a win-win situation!  We may even be inspired to throw in a little something extra if the video views hit 5000 by midnight Monday.  Let's do it!

To share the video:  Post the link as your status, click the “share” button, or email the link to friends. REMEMBER: Leave us a comment on our wall letting us know where, how, and how many times you shared our video and you’ll be entered to win!!!  It’s that easy! We love you! Don't get burned!


March 23, 2011 at 11:53 PM  

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