Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Just a Dollop Will Do

I am almost finished with the Christmas album. It's amazing to work with Nathan. He is fantastic at coming up with new and original ideas that blow my mind. We are recording a string quartet next week. I'm looking forward to that.

Next weekend, Sept. 8th and 9th, I'll be in Fillmore, Utah for their Arts and Living History Festival. I will be doing a variety of activities including a free concert on the 8th at 6:30 pm at the Territorial Statehouse Park.

The improv show on Thursday went well. We did an improv that I had never done before called "Awkward Silence". We are going to start having special guests come do the shows with us. Make sure you get your tickets early for the next few shows.

Season three of "Arrested Development" came out yesterday. I love that show.
I was happy that "24" won at the Emmys.

I really like the flavor of Keebler Original Chips Deluxe cookies with a dollop of creamy Skippy peanut butter on top. You shouldn't over-do it though. One cookie is enough. If you eat more, your stomach feels way too full and you will forget how delectable the taste was in your mouth. It's like eating too much cookie dough. The first two spoonfuls are magical, but by #10, you feel sick. And not too much peanut butter either. Just a dollop. I've tried chunky, but then you're mouth is too focused on chewing The chunks of nuts instead of enjoying the smooth, rich flavor jubilee.

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