Friday, October 5, 2007

I Remember

I love the fall. It makes me feel so nostalgic.

I remember getting my drivers license in October.
I remember my first dance/date was in October.
I remember wrecking my mom's minivan on that first dance/date on a brick column at the end of my date's driveway.
I remember telling my parents that the van must have been hit by another car in the parking lot.

I remember going to a high school football game.
I remember cheering for the team.
I remember a kid lighting firecrackers in the bleachers.
I remember that kid standing next to me.
I remember he had a hard time getting the lighter to work.
I remember being kind enough to offer to help him.
I remember immediately regretting that action.
I remember the hand of the vice principal landing heavy on my shoulder.

I remember my wife's birthday.
I remember she was trying to trick me into thinking it was one day later.
I remember one year getting confused.
I remember getting in a lot of trouble for missing her birthday.
I remember arguing that I thought it was the following day.
I remember that I am always wrong and she is always right.
I love you, honey.
Happy Birthday?

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