Saturday, February 16, 2008

Oh Canada!

I’ve been cold before. I grew up in the Rocky Mountains. I went on the Boy Scout Klondike over-nighters. I’ve jumped in barely-thawed mountain lakes. I’ve stuck my tongue to frozen poles. I thought I knew what cold was. Then I went to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada during the bleak winter month of February. I’ve been cold, but I’ve never been deep-frozen. I’ve never had my nostrils constrict and freeze instantaneously. I’ve never had to plug in a car battery over night to prevent it from freezing. I’ve never had my fingertips nibbled by Old Man Frost Bite just by leaving them uncovered for mere seconds. I’ve never experienced tiny ice daggers piercing my lungs from the inside when I took a breath.

Despite the soul numbing weather, I loved my first trip over the northern border. The warm, kind people that I met made the cold more than bearable. I can see why people would want to stay in Edmonton. Everyone was quick to warm you with kind words, a smile, or a hug. During the concert, I mentioned my lack of proper head protection in the cold weather. Within seconds, a young man threw his toque on stage for me to keep. (Thank you again.) The whole time I was there, I felt the cold only when I was away from the wonderful people. Canadians are the warmest souls on earth. I am better for having met the people I met. Thank you Canada for existing. I look forward to returning to my home and native land. "If I believe in hope, if I believe in love, then I believe in you, Oh Canada!"

See more pics from Canada, click here!

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