Monday, September 15, 2008

Together Again... Love and Ninjas

My new film "Together Again For the First Time" has been picked up by PorchLight Entertainment and will be released on DVD October 14th. I'm excited for this to come out. I had a great time during the shoot and learned a lot from the other actors and the director, Jeff Parkin.

In other film news, I will start filming the dark comedy "God Save London" this fall. I am teaming up again with the brilliant E.R. Nelson ("Pirates of the Great Salt Lake"). "London" is about a young businessman who loses everything he owns to an African e-mail scam and his journey from the United States to Africa in search of God, his soul, and ultimately, love.

AND it's about one woman's search for glory.

AND it's about another man's desperate attempt at revenge.

AND it's about a third man's passion to be gangster.

AND it's about ninjas.

AND angels.

AND faith

AND love.

What do you mean I already said love?

How about.... NINJAS!


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