Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"We Fall Back"

Behind the song:
I enjoy playing “Angels” from my Christmas album and wanted to write a similar guitar part. I was playing around with some chord voicings and stumbled into the progression for “We Fall Back.” It flowed perfectly. I get the same joy playing this progression that I get from playing “Blackbird” by The Beatles. Music? Done. Time for the lyrics. They came easy enough but they weren’t exactly what I wanted. I was struggling through a period of writing only sad songs. I was trying to get out of this rut and my thoughts (as they often do) turned to my wife. Even after a decade of being together, I am still in awe that she is my wife. Somehow, through all of my faults and troubles, she loves me. She has the ability to lift my sad, lonely, and heavy words.

In the studio:
We wanted a constant beat throughout this song. A kick drum was too boom-y. Software samples were to sample-y. So we set up a microphone above my right foot (dressed in a comfortable sock) and hit record. I am adding “studio foot musician” to my resume.

We fall back to each other
And somehow you found me
Black pen in hand
You lifted words
So weighed down and lonely

You’re not afraid

We turn ourselves into gold
When we can we fall back
And turn our hearts where we go
And somehow
We fall back

I understand why
The tumult died now that I want you for my own
Thoughts are retreating
From the line that fell tonight now you are my home

We fall back to each other
And somehow you love me

You’re not afraid
So I’m not afraid


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